Q&A with Patty Kahn-Saunders

4th May 2020

Q: How do you think Covid 19 will affect the communications industry moving forward?

A: The media and digital landscape is always changing, but more people are consuming content and trusted sources have never been more in demand. At the luxury end, the tone of the industry will alter to become more subtle. The idea of brand purpose has also changed and all companies will need to think about what their real value is to their customers and to the community.

Q: How are you/ your business preparing for when lock down is over?

A: At the moment we are supporting our clients to ensure we help them through this period and that they bounce back in the strongest way possible. That is our focus.

Q: Are there any particular books/ podcasts you have been enjoying

A: I am reading Donna Tartt, the Secret History, which is great to escape. I also scan SKIFT, NYT, The Guardian, WSJ and BBC each daily for industry and world news. We need to be especially informed at the moment. On the podcast front, I am listening to Grounded by Louis Theroux, The Argument, Sugar Calling and Still Processing – all from NYT

Q: Where will be your first holiday destination?

A: Cornwall and then Argentina or Sri Lanka