Agile Working & Video Meetings

17th March 2020

Here at JFL, we love to find the silver lining and although there is still a lot of uncertainty and change ahead, we wanted to share what we think the coming months will bring to our clients and candidates.

Springtime has always been busy for JFL and it’s a great time in the year to be hiring the best talent for your team! We are currently seeing a strong influx of candidates looking for their ideal role, and JFL have committed to video interviewing in order to maintain our high standards for candidates and clients. As a business ourselves, we have benefitted from hiring through virtual interviews (Skype, Zoom etc.) and in this digital world, these are a fantastic tool in attracting talent, saving time, and reducing the impact of travel on the environment.

The popularity of flexi-working has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and is always one of the most valued soft-benefits for candidates in the job market. As COVID-19 pushes business to work from home, this is an opportunity for companies to really adapt and make the practice of working from home a real success! We expect to see real, lasting change in the way the working week will look, which will result in an increase to work/life balance, a happier work force, and increased productivity. Not only will this save people time and help reduce pollution, flexible working and working from home could really change the landscape of towns and cities, enabling business to work out of smaller offices (saving money on rent!) and offer more space for housing.

JFL are always happy to provide advice to clients and candidates on the market and hiring practices. Please get in touch with the team and we would be delighted to discuss how we can support your business or job search during this time.