How micro-influencers can benefit your business

7th December 2018

It isn’t a secret that brands often use influencers to push a product, service or to increase brand awareness, but you don’t need to always splash out on big names to get a positive result. Micro-influencers are a key social media trend throughout 2018 and here’s why you should consider them when planning your next collaboration...


Micro-influencers have a following of anywhere between 1,000 and 90,000 people. Due to their close-knit following, a micro-influencer must genuinely like the brand they are working with if they are going to promote it to their loyal followers, so it’s important to make sure your brand guidelines align. People often follow micro-influencers because they relate to them in some way and/or trust their opinion, rather than because they are popular or have a celebrity status.


A genuine connection between a micro-influencer and their followers leads to higher engagement rates as a trusting and valued ‘relationship’ is created. As mentioned previously, individuals identify in some way with the influencer and hence, if the influencer likes the brand, the follower is more likely to like and engage with the brand also. The Instagram algorithm favours this sense of community and personability too. When well-known influencers promote a brand, this could potentially come across as less sincere, especially if it seems to be more about money than their genuine love of the brand.


It’s no surprise that very well-known influencers are very expensive. For Britain’s top Instagram influencer, you could be paying £14K for just one post! Naturally, micro-influencers are much more cost effective as their smaller following means they will demand considerably less money. However, this means you need to pick the right micro-influencer for your brand. If they don’t feel your brand aligns with theirs, they won’t collaborate with you. Taking the time to find the right influencer and agreeing the right guidelines will be worth your while due to the high engagement rates that are likely to follow.

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