Leila - What I've learnt at JFL

2nd September 2019

For someone who wasn’t entirely sure what they wanted to do after university, I certainly landed on my feet at JFL. I have always enjoyed meeting new people and wanted a career where I could continue doing this, whilst also working in a job that felt fulfilling; helping people secure their dream job has been so rewarding and I have learnt so many transferable skills along the way.

Listening is key

It’s a cliché but listening is key. Taking into consideration exactly what your candidate or client is looking for will give you the insight to deliver an excellent service. Clients and candidates want to feel that you are doing the best for them, so if you are concentrating on finding the perfect fit to match the brief you’ve been given, your relationship and reputation will blossom. This will also prevent you from making a mistake that may waste their time and yours, and in recruitment, time is extremely important.

Pick up the phone and meet people

Recruitment is all about building strong relationships with clients and candidates – this is best done in person! People want to put a face to name and to trust you, and there is no better way of introducing yourself and your company than face to face. People are also more likely to remember you this way, meaning they will come to you first when they need help. Therefore, client and candidate meetings are essential.

Sometimes it’s hard to put your point across in an email or text or to gauge someone’s thoughts, so it is always best to pick up the phone. It also saves times!


In this profession you are constantly spinning plates and juggling priorities. You have targets to hit, jobs to fill, and people to meet! It is vital to figure out what you need to do first and for how long. I write to - do lists, ask for advice from my managers, and pick up the phone as much as possible. When you have a lot of work to do it is easy to forget things, so I record everything: placements, figures, interview dates etc. and put these all into separate spreadsheets.

Overall, my time in recruitment has taught me a huge amount about current affairs, developments in technology, politics, and consumerism. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with the leading PR agencies in the UK, as well as cultural institutions and charities (to name a few!) As a result, I am up to date on upcoming trends, news, and have met some really interesting people. I can handle a difficult situation or person, feel confident picking up the phone, and have gained a thorough understanding of different sales techniques, skills which will stay with me long after JFL.

If you are interested in a career in recruitment, please do get in touch: info@jflrrecruit.com 

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