How to be a good manager

7th December 2018

Whether you manage one or many people, being a manager for the first time can be a very nerve-wracking experience, regardless of the industry you’re in. So, to make your managing experience as smooth as possible, we’ve gathered our top tips and tricks to help you on your way!


Candidates will look for a new job if they do not feel they are able to progress within their current role, therefore, it’s important to set targets for people to work towards. Setting agreed goals means you can regularly review how well they’re doing, enabling you to congratulate them on their successes and lend a helping hand when they’re struggling. It’s crucial for candidates to be able to see opportunity ahead of them in order for them to stay committed to a company.


Feedback is such an important part of being a manager. Avoid one-off meetings and instead opt for short, weekly sessions. If you feel you need to give constructive criticism, don’t shy away from it, just ensure it is delivered fairly and in a way that will help them succeed. Your team will thank you for this is the long run. Similarly, ask your team for feedback on your management style so you can improve. For example, ask them what they need you to do to help them become more successful.


It’s important to lead by example so your team feel inspired and motivated to work hard. Encouraging your team through a tough time, motivating them using incentives or simply telling them they’re doing a good job can make all the difference. If an employee feels valued by their company and colleagues, they are more likely to succeed within their role. Everyone likes to feel as if they matter to a company, so make sure to encourage any ideas they have, champion their creativity and reward their ambition.


Effective management shouldn’t take up your whole working week, instead, set time aside to meet with the people you’re managing. This will allow you to answer any questions they have rather than answering them on the go which will disrupt your day. It also gives you both the opportunity to prepare for the meeting, making it as effective as possible.

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