Carolyn Kirkwood's Top Tips to Lockdown

30th April 2020

The things that I have been doing to survive this crazy period include:

  • Running – for years I have pounded the treadmill and the lockdown has forced me to run outside in the fresh air and enjoy the outside space that I live in which has been refreshing and I may keep this up post lockdown……. Perhaps London Marathon 2021 could be on the cards?
  • Horses – As a keen rider I have been missing going horse riding during lockdown but I have been enjoying visiting the horses (particularly Ruby) and seeing the rest of the animals (albeit at a distance) at the Mudchute Farm during my daily outside exercise. They always put a smile on my face and brightens my day.
  • Knowledge – I have been using this time to engage with various webinars to upskill and keep me motivated and also to help me focus on planning for when we are all back at our desks and lockdown is over.
  • Family and friends – we live in a crazy, busy bubble and its very easy to be “too busy” to stay in contact with those that mean a lot to us and one of the main things I have enjoyed is re-engaging with lots of friends. Everyone is picking up the phone and chatting which is important – I think this pandemic has made us all change our values and I think going forward this will affect the way we value our friendships and relationships with loved ones.
  • Zoom Parties – I have celebrated my birthday, friends birthdays and may possibly be celebrating my brothers wedding via zoom parties. A great way to stay in touch, a great excuse to mix cocktails and most importantly GREAT FUN 😊.
  • Getting on top of my inbox – I am constantly swimming in a mass of emails and having the time to get on top of it has been priceless!
  • Alex the dog – our office dog is also a resident at Kirkwood Towers and he brightens our day everyday