Georgia's Lockdown Surivial Tips

7th May 2020

It's easy to go a little stir crazy during this crazy and uncertain time so here are my top tips for surviving lockdown and some of the little ways I'm keeping motivated (and sane) 

  • Online Workouts - I love a gym class and find these are great motivation for staying active. I've bought online workout videos from some of my favourite studios such as Define London and Heartcore
  • Cooking - I have a love-hate relationship with cooking and never usually have the time for meal prep. I'm taking advantage of the lockdown to try out new recipes and actually enjoy healthy, home cooked meals
  • Hobbies - I'm using the extra time I have to get stuck into new hobbies, and take up some old ones again. So far, I've made a ship in a bottle, completed a puzzle, and drawn a comic. The sense of achievement has been amazing!
  • Community - I'm really appreciating small & local businesses and have been making an effort to buy produce from the independent butchers, fishmongers & grocers nearby. I'd also recommend Linkclass Fresh Produce and Doggart & Squash, two businesses that have really pivotted in the current market to offer great services!
  • Pub Quizzes - I have some incredibly creative friends who are producing their own quizzes for us to do virtually via Zoom - Kahoot has been a great app for us to make quizzes and come together virutally over some friendly competitiion
  • Interior Design - Taking advantage of the time at home to really make some improvements to my space. Aside from the extra organisation, I've been upcycling old pieces of furniture and creating new and functional pieces
  • Friends & Family - I have friends and family all over the world and coordinating a proper catch up has always been hard due to different time zones. This has been a great time to really reconnect with people via video calls, something which has really kept my spirits high