8 May 2018

Within the PR & Comms industry, there has always been a battle over in-house and agency salaries; who pays the highest? Despite in-house roles historically paying more generously, our 2017/18 Salary Survey found that there is now very little difference between in-house and agency salaries across all levels. Instead, we have found the biggest difference lies between sectors. Whilst a few salaries have remained the same as 2016, many have increased, showing how strong the PR & Communications industry is at present.

In 2016, we saw the biggest difference amongst agency and in-house salaries at the junior end, with in-house Assistants earning £2,000 more than their agency counterparts within the corporate sector. However, our most recent survey shows a close in the pay gap with both junior level PRs earning a generous £24,000.

Perhaps the biggest difference between in-house and agencies salaries were found at the senior level. We found that Directors within a consumer facing agency earn an average of £94,000, £4,000 more than their in-house counterparts. Similarly, corporate communications Directors are set to earn an average of £100,000, whereas in-house Directors within the same sector can expect an average of £5,000 less.  

Across all levels within the PR & Communications industry, the gap between in-house and agency salaries is swiftly closing, which could lead to other elements overtaking salary as the most important factor when considering a career move. Our survey found that a company’s ethos and values are ranked as an extremely important factor for candidates which could see candidates accepting a lower salary if they feel their own values match those of the company.

When are people most likely to move in-house? Our survey found that candidates are more likely to move in-house at Account Manager – Account Director level. This is so they can use their experiences learnt from agency life to focus on one brand rather than spreading their time across a mixture.

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