14 May 2018

With in-house massages, gift vouchers at Christmas and a birthday day off up for grabs, it’s important to not forget just how important benefits are to current and future employees.

Our 2017/18 Salary Survey looked deeper into the issues facing the communications industry and we asked over 500 communications professionals about the benefits they receive and which are most important to them.


Our survey results found that agency and in-house benefits are pretty similar across the board, however, in-house candidates are considerably more likely to receive a better benefits package in general. An in-house benefits package tends to include a better pension, higher bonuses, childcare vouchers, on-site canteens, dental care and private health for all family members to name just a few extras!

Candidates listed pension as the most important benefit with over half of people rating it number one. Travel insurance was listed as the least important benefit, however we suspect this could be because travel insurance is fairly easy to arrange and afford yourself should you have to.


Soft benefits are additional benefits you can receive from your company which are usually non-financial. We find that soft benefits can often be the tipping point when it comes to candidates choosing a new role and retaining current employees.


We found that additional holiday days were one of the top three most important benefits to candidates who completed our salary survey. On average, PR professionals can expect to receive 21-25 days holiday, however, those within the public sector can often receive over 30 days holiday to make up for a lack of soft benefits.

Additional holiday days were ranked as the second most important benefit to candidates who completed our survey with a score of 42.95%.

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