1 May 2018

Whether client or candidate, positive or negative, giving feedback after an interview is crucial for both parties. Here’s why interview feedback is SO important: 


It can be difficult telling a candidate that they’re a ‘no’ after an interview, but giving feedback can help soften the blow. For some candidates it could be their first time interviewing in a long time, or even their first time at all, so giving constructive feedback will help them improve their technique for future interviews.

As a recruitment agency, we work tirelessly to help you find the right candidate, but not everyone is going to be perfect. If you don’t think a candidate is the right fit for you, try and tell us exactly why. Not only will this help us find more suitable candidates for you in the future, it will also help us manage the candidate’s expectations. If the candidate is doing something wrong, it is best to give truthful feedback so they can improve in the future. If after a few interviews you decide your job brief has changed in some way, please let us know so we can adapt our search. 

If you interview a candidate and think they’re an ideal fit for your company (and we hope you do), let us know what it is you liked so we can send similar candidates in the future when you’re looking for you next hire. It’s also really nice for the candidate to hear they did a good job! 


It’s key you tell us exactly the kind of role you are after so we can place you in a job you’re really passionate about. Aim to give feedback promptly after interviews so everything is fresh in your mind. Not only does it give us an idea of what you like or don’t like about a company, it’s a good indicator for the client about how well they’re interviewing too. 

Got any questions or queries after an interview? Let us know so we can have a discussion with the client before you go back in for another interview. 

After interviewing at a few places you might decide what you want is different from what you originally thought and that’s absolutely fine! Just let us know so we start finding you new roles. 

If you like a client and would love to have another interview, make sure to give thorough and honest feedback. It shows the client that you’re keen and sends a good impression. 

We try and visit all of our clients before sending candidates in for interviews so we can get a good idea of the culture and what the offices are like, but we don’t always have the chance, so your feedback is really useful for filling us in! 


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