Why you should consider a job in Greater London

23 March 2018

There’s less hustle and bustle, an opportunity for new experiences and an equally lively social life. Here’s why you should consider a job in Greater London.


There is little to no difference in salary between PR jobs based in Central London and those based in Greater London. Company hard benefits also remain almost exactly the same regardless of where the agency is placed, and often with agencies based on the outskirts of London, you are granted a car allowance which if you don’t use, can be added onto your annual salary!


Typically, agencies based in Greater London tend to be smaller, which isn’t a bad thing! A smaller team means you can have more access to the senior management team and the chance to mould your role to fit what you enjoy. If you enjoy marketing as well as PR, there is more scope to try out a bit of everything. Finally, they are often more flexible with your experience, so if you really want to try out a new sector but worry you don’t have the relevant background, show the team why you’re worth investing in and they could take the risk!

Want to work as part of a big team? Fear not! Lots of big name brands are based on the outskirts of London due to costs and space, so make sure you don’t rule out Greater London as you could bypass your dream role!


Our 2017/18 Salary Survey found that a company’s ethos and values are extremely important to candidates when considering a new role. This makes perfect sense as you tend to feel happier and more comfortable in a team who shares your core values. So, if you interview at a company based in Greater London, and you love what they’re about, don’t be put off purely because of their location.


Interviews can be very intense and sometimes you don’t get to meet the whole team before starting, but this is often not the case in non-central London companies. A smaller team means there is more of an opportunity to meet everyone before joining, and even better, the interview process if often shorter and less intense – what’s there not to like?


London is expensive. Being based in Greater London means marginally cheaper costs for the company, so there is more money to be spent on lots of training for employees.


Although it might seem like a distant land, ‘Greater London’ really isn’t difficult to get to. There are fantastic transport links from most major stations in Central London and even better, the trains will be less crowded and you might actually get a seat!

We are currently working on some really fantastic roles that are based in Greater London, so please do get in touch if you’re interested.