SENIOR PRs: Are you earning enough?

15 June 2018

Are you earning enough? Our 2017/18 Salary Survey asked over 500 communications professionals across all levels and sectors about their salaries, and we found some very interesting results at the senior level.   


Despite consumer agency salaries typically paying lower than other sectors, our survey found that from AD-MD level, consumer PRs can expect to receive a higher salary on average than their public affairs counterparts. 2016 saw an increase in public affairs roles as a result of Brexit, and despite this continuing into 2017, the salaries do not reflect the same growth. An MD of a consumer agency can receive a generous salary of £94,000, where as public affairs MDs can expect an average salary of £83,000.  

Corporate communications is one of the best paid sectors, and this is isn’t an exception at the senior end. Managing Directors can earn a generous average of £100,000, considerably more than consumer and public affairs agencies can offer for the same position.


In-house roles typically pay better than agency roles, however, because there are such a variety of in-house roles available, spanning numerous sectors, many of the salary bands are very broad, so some figures may seem slightly confusing. In some companies, a PR Manager can expect a salary of £29,000 as the role is more junior, where as a PR Manager in another company could be earning £50,000-70,000 due to the role being more senior. The seniority of job titles varies considerably across companies, so it is important to look at average earnings.

For our in-house salaries we looked across 6 sectors: Consumer, Corporate, Marcomms, Public Affairs, Internal Communications and Digital, and found that an MD within a Digital company is most likely to receive the best paid salary with an average of £100,000, closely followed by Corporate and Consumer sectors. The least impressive top level senior salary was found within Marcomms with a modest £81,000.

This trend also continued into less senior positions, with Senior Managers within in-house Digital positions also earning the highest with an average salary of £70,000. The lowest average salary for Senior Managers was found within the Consumer sector which is not much of a surprise as consumer salaries are usually lower.


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