Are your employees happy?

11 June 2018

Our 2017/18 Salary Survey looked deeper into the issues facing the communications industry and we asked over 500 communications professionals about their salaries, bonuses, benefits and plans for growth. Amongst our questioning, we asked PR professionals which the most important reasons are to stay committed to their current employer, and the results make for a very intriguing read…


You might be surprised to not see salary increase as the most important factor to employees when it comes to employer commitment, but clear career progression easily took the top spot with nearly 60% of PR professionals ranking it as number one, claiming the top spot by quite a margin. This indicates that simply showing an employee that they are moving in the right direction is enough to retain them.

An unmerited salary increase will not be enough to keep all talented employees, as earning too much for your level of experience can negatively affect you when it comes to finding a new role as often, candidates will have to take a pay decrease.


Salary increase was ranked the second most important factor at just under 50%. It comes as no surprise that candidates are motivated by money, but it’s interesting to see it take the second spot behind clear career progression. A salary increase will have to be accompanied by a clear career path to keep an employee onboard.


We were not surprised to see ‘feeling valued’ ranked highly as we see this a lot with candidates. Candidates are often quick to jump ship if they feel they are undervalued within their current role and will seek a company which mirrors their own ethos and values. Candidates want to feel as if they are an asset to the company, not someone who can be replaced.

So, which were the least important?


Receiving a bonus was ranked one of the least important factors to ensure commitment to a current employer, and we were quite surprised by this finding considering a salary increase ranked so highly. Once more, it comes back to the candidate needing to see a positive and steady future for their career within a company. A one-off bonus is not enough to ensure commitment as it only provides a temporary boost.


Finally, a change of line manager was also voted as an unimportant factor to ensure commitment to a current employer, and we suspect this could be because if a candidate is unhappy within their role, then simply changing their line manager will not be enough to change their outlook on the role.

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