10 July 2018

Summer: Everyone’s a little less stressed on the tube (despite it being insufferably warm), Pimms becomes everyone’s drink of choice and summer dresses make a return. Here are our summer favourites!


It isn't often that we experience a heatwave in the UK and yes, the tubes are stuffy, but nothing beats waking up knowing you haven’t got to fuss over which coat to wear to work – it’s the little things. The summer months also bring longer days and brighter evenings, which leaves even more time to enjoy an Aperol with friends in the sun. What isn't great about that?


Whether it’s dining outside at one of London’s best open top restaurants or catching up with friends in a pub garden, simply being outside with loved ones in the sun is delightful, although recently we have had to opt for the shade!


7th July marks the famous Pride Parade 2018. This year’s theme, #PrideMatters, aims to explore the diversity of what pride means to everyone, and throughout the summer, the iconic rainbow sweeps London, finding its way into shop windows, signature coffee cups and even tube stations. Check out our favourite Pride campaigns here. 

You can check out our Pride inspired instagram post here!



Just like previous years, this year’s JFL summer party is a complete surprise and that makes it even more exciting, although we’re almost certain they’ll be some delicious food and alcohol involved…


The summer months host some of the most iconic sporting events of the year: Wimbledon and The World Cup. With a sweepstake in place for The World Cup and Wimbledon beginning at the start of July, our eyes will be glued to our TV screens, whilst doing work too, obviously. #Itscominghome


Usually we’d group all our favourite seasonal food items into one category, but this dish deserves its own spot on the list. Strawberries and cream are the epitome of London summertime and you really just can’t beat it. So simple, but a true classic.


It’s rare that Brits are able to head to the coast to soak up some sun, but the summer months bring a rare opportunity to have a paddle in the sea and enjoy a 99 ice cream with friends and family.

What are your summer favourites?


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