29 August 2018

Staying focused at work can be difficult at the best of times, especially after a long bank holiday weekend, so we’ve listed our top tips for how to be your most productive self whilst at work!


 Creating a to-do list is such a simple, yet effective way of organising your day. Not only does it ensure you’re as productive as possible, it adds structure to your day and guarantees that you don’t forget anything important. However, it’s important to create a realistic to do list, as setting unrealistic goals will end up being counterproductive and overwhelming.

Top tip: Create a to do list at the end of each day so you can prioritise in advance what to do the following day. This saves you worrying all evening about tomorrow’s tasks and allows you to focus on having a stress-free evening!


It often feels difficult to ask for help; however, it is essential if you want to maintain productivity throughout the day. If you’re struggling with something, ask your colleague for a 5-minute brainstorming session. It will prove a lot more beneficial than wasting time struggling alone.


 It’s presumed that those who do not take any breaks are working harder than those who do, but this is often not the case. It has been found that taking short, regular breaks throughout your working day will actually improve your work performance and boost your energy, so make sure to take small, regular breaks from your computer screen!

Most of us take our lunch break, but how many of us actually spend it away from our desk? Try and spend at least 2 lunch breaks a week away from your desk so you can really re-fresh and increase your productivity throughout the afternoon.


Splitting your day into sections is a great way to stay productive and ensure everything is completed on time. Variety is key, so try and split your mornings and afternoons up by focusing a few hours on each task. This will also make the day go quicker and you will be constantly re-motivated.


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