MID-LEVEL PR SALARIES: How do you compare?

2 August 2018

Our 2017/18 Salary Survey asked over 500 communications professionals across all levels and sectors about their salaries, and the results make for a very interesting read!


We asked PR professionals from Account Manager to Senior Account Manager about their salaries within the consumer, public affairs and corporate sectors to see how they compare. Our results found that the highest average mid-level salary can be found within corporate communications, with Account Managers receiving a generous average of £34,000 and Senior Account Manager £38,000.

Despite the average Senior Account Manager public affairs salary coming in at £41,000, £3,000 higher than their corporate counterparts, an average Account Manager salary in the same sector is only £29,000, making the overall average marginally lower.

Corporate communications salaries are notoriously higher than consumer and public affairs roles and we do not expect to see this change anytime soon.


To see how in-house salaries compare with their agency counterparts, we not only looked at consumer, corporate, public affairs sectors but also internal communications, marcomms and digital so we could fully understand the in-house communications landscape.

Overall, we found that the highest average salary at the Account Manager/Senior Executive level is within internal communications with an average of £39,000, considerably higher than any agency salary at that level. We find that often in-house communications professionals do receive more generous salaries, however over time, we think this gap will inevitably close as agency salaries become more competitive.

However, Senior Account Managers/Managers in-house are expected to receive the most competitive salary within corporate communications with an average salary coming in at an enormous £55,000.


Throughout Q3 we have had an array of freelance candidates looking for temporary work and have found day rates are on the rise with freelance Account Managers receiving approximately £160-200 p/d which is considerably higher than the rates at the beginning of the year. We suspect this could be because summer time is particularly busy as people are on holiday and clients often realise they need an extra pair of hands on deck.

In addition, we have found that there has been a significant amount of negotiation with salaries at this level as it is a candidate driven market and clients are becoming more flexible.

We find that consumer salaries tend to be less competitive, especially within the luxury and lifestyle sector, however, we’ve found that candidates are happy to accept a lower salary if they are working on a great range of accounts.

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