Q1 Trends & Q2 Predictions

3 April 2018

With the first quarter of 2018 complete, it is time to look back at our Q1 trends and make our predictions for Q2.

Q1 Trends


JFL was very busing during the beginning of 2018 which has led to one of our most successful quarters to date. Most of the activity came from the junior end of the PR & Communications industry as we were inundated with entry level roles and a wealth of ambitious candidates. Things were especially busy throughout January when candidates started the New Year by looking for a new job.

In contrast, there have been an extremely limited number of hires at the senior level across all sectors. Rather than new senior roles being created, many companies reshuffled their teams rather than creating new roles because the business was evolving in some way.   

Unfortunately, senior level jobs tend to be sparser due to talented senior candidates being reluctant to make a move unless they find their ideal job, resulting in few new jobs and even fewer top quality candidates.


JFL made a lot of in-house placements at the mid-level of the PR & Communications industry, yet there have been little to no in-house roles at the junior end. At the mid-level we also found that a lot of our agency placements were made at some of the biggest PR agencies in the UK, which could be down to agencies wanting to hire before the end of the financial year.

At the senior level, we have found that candidates are shying away from some of the bigger global agencies and want to move to a more agile businesses instead. Equally, there have been a lot of talented candidates wanting to make a move from agency to in-house or in-house to in-house compared to not senior candidates wanting to move from one agency to another.


Q1 saw a very passive candidate market, meaning the market was busy as a result of us reaching out to candidates open to new opportunities rather than candidates actively pursuing new roles. This shows the importance of recruitment agencies within the PR & Communications industry at present as companies will struggle to find top quality candidates alone.


JFL have an excellent start to 2018. Both Gabriella Ford and Georgia Frisby were promoted and Deputy Managing Director, Carolyn Kirkwood, celebrated her 5th year at JFL and will take her sabbatical at some point later this year. The JFL team are currently very strong and we are looking forward to another successful quarter and finding more talented individuals to join our team. If you’d like to join JFL, please send your CV to Edwina@jflrecruit.com!

Q2 Predictions

During the latter end of Q2, we predict that there will be a plethora of graduates looking for their first full-time job after graduating from university in May and June. The job market will therefore be busier as companies prepare for the influx of candidates by creating new roles at the junior end.

Despite a quiet Q1 for the senior PR market, we also expect to see a surge of senior level roles across both agency and in-house. After an extremely long winter, we predict the market will be busier and more refreshing. A change of weather brings a change of spirit after all!

JFL have lots of exciting things to look forward to in Q2 including our Careers Development networking event and the launch of our re-brand and website re-design! Our 2017/18 Salary Survey will also become available to candidates during June so make sure to keep an eye on our social media for more information. You can follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.