11 April 2018

 “I’ve worked with JFL for a number of years and believe they have a great roster of talent eager to find their dream job. Very pleased to employ a number of individuals who have come through JFL to success at The PHA Group.” – Nick Braund.

On 24th April JFL are proud to be hosting a careers development evening dedicated to how individuals from Account Executive to Junior Account Manager level can progress to success within the PR & Communications industry. 

As well as having a chance to network, meet likeminded people and drink a glass of fizz or two, we are delighted to announce that Nick Braund, Head of Technology at The PHA Group, will be sharing his industry insights and advice with us on the night. 


Armed with a well-connected, vibrant team, an entrepreneurial spirit and a ruthless use of metrics to ensure expert delivery, The PHA Group is a well-established, independent agency who work across all sectors and hold many prestigious industry awards. 

The Technology & Innovation team was brought in by Nick who saw huge opportunity in this sector. It is around 4 years old and is currently the fastest growing team within the agency. They cover 3 main areas across B2B, B2C, and Tech Pioneers including high-profile entrepreneurs and CEOs.


Why did you choose a career in PR / Communications?

I had always been interested in brands and the power they had over us. I would regularly buy expensive yet plain t-shirts because they had a certain logo on them, and became intrigued in the psychology behind purchasing patterns and behaviour. At university, I studied Management and quickly focused my time on Marketing and the ability to impact people’s opinions, and the interest in PR was born. 

How did you start out in PR / Communications?

I wanted to combine my interest in branding with my passion for sport so applied to a range of PR agencies with Sport departments. I interned at then PHA Media (now The PHA Group) during my second year of uni and kept in touch afterwards. 

What was one valuable lesson you learnt when you first started? 

Ask questions. The people who make the biggest impact are the ones that care. Don’t be shy about speaking up, you’re doing it to help.

This is an event not to be missed! To register your interest, please email