What motivates candidates?

30 October 2017

Have you ever wondered what attracts people to your company, or what motivates your peers to look for a new challenge? Wonder no more, as our 2016 salary survey delved into this very topic!

Our 2016 Salary Survey found that the most important factor that comes into play when someone is looking for a new role is a salary increase. Almost 60% of people stated this as a key factor in their job hunt, demonstrating that when it comes to a new opportunity, money does matter.

Second on the list was professional development, with almost 45% of respondents stating that this is a key motivator. This is an unsurprising figure, proving that companies need to carefully outline development plans for potential employees if they want to attract talent.

Next up was the company ethos and values, which is arguably a more subjective factor when considering a new role. Typically, companies with strong and prominent values tend to be more attractive to professionals, as they have a clear sense of company character and spirit.

Coming in fourth was company reputation. This is something which we hear a lot from our candidates – they want to work at a company which has an excellent standing within the industry, and somewhere that will ultimately add to their CV.

The other factors determining whether or not a new role appeals were an increase in responsibility – which is linked to professional development – flexible working hours and the location of the company.

But what came at the bottom of the list?

A company’s offices were considered to be the least important factor for job hunters, with company and team size not far behind. This is compatible with the rise of start-up companies JFL have seen investing in communications staff, which initially have very small teams, as well as many professionals desiring to work in this kind of environment.

Interestingly, job title was only a key motivator for 5% of people, which is reassuring given the sheer diversity of titles within the PR and communications industries. A better maternity or paternity package was also only listed as a motivator by 1.2% of people surveyed, although JFL often comes across candidates who are very keen to find more comprehensive parental leave overall.

The results of our 2017 Salary Survey will be available for request at the beginning of January 2018, providing a full and comprehensive look into the issues facing the PR & Communications industry as well as an updated perspective on salaries, bonuses and benefits. If you’d like to take part in our 2017 Salary Survey, simply follow this link: http://bit.ly/JFLSS17 (you could even win £200 worth of retail vouchers of your choice!)