8 December 2017

We love getting to know more about our clients and candidates, so it seems only fair that you get to know us a little better too!

Say hello to Poppy, our Senior Consultant, let's see what she had to say...

Why did you choose communications recruitment?

When I started to look for a job in London, I began with positions in PR and Communications but was unfortunately pipped to the post on a couple of occasions due to the age-old story of ‘the other candidate having more experience’. I decided to reassess my skillset and work out what appealed to me about PR and Comms. I soon realised I wanted a job with variety, daily challenges and where I would interact with various different people. Someone’s job is a huge part of their life and to find someone a new position that they are truly excited by is a fantastic feeling.

Why did you choose JFL?

As well as finding a job that would challenge me, I also knew that team culture and a good working environment was really important to me. After meeting a few members of the team during my first interview, I knew I wouldn’t want to be at any other agency. Everyone I met was friendly, approachable and funny! Although they were work colleagues, they were also really good friends and this shone through in my interviews.

Why should people choose JFL over other recruitment agencies?

It was really important to me to find a recruitment company that values both the candidate and the client in equal measure. Unfortunately, recruitment companies can get a bad rep, so for me integrity was key! Alongside ‘insight’ and ‘results’, ‘integrity’ is one of JFL’s values. It was important that I was joining a friendly team that wanted the best for candidate and client.

Sum up your job in one sentence.

Fast paced, fun filled days where we help people to secure their dream jobs!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

My first name is actually Alexandra and not Poppy. I am Poppy to all of my friends but my extended family use a version of Alexandra. (I like to confuse people!) 

Thank you to the lovely Poppy! 

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